Zhang,xiaofang She recieves her master degree in SISU(Shanghai Foreign Studies University) and owns more than 10 years of international school in teaching English. Thus, she is fairly familiar with Cambridge curriculum as well as IELTS, TOEFL. Her experience is a wealth because she loves teaching, enjoys language and culture beauty and happiness.
Xiong,xinping Miss Xiong receives her Doctor degree of Science from East China Normal University. She has gained experiences in teaching Alevel and IGCSE International Physics Course. Besides, she is very familiar with the four grades of this system. In addition to teaching, she successfully helps her students to participate in Physics Bowl Physics Competition and provides PAT guidance for students who apply for Oxford University and Cambridge University. In the CAIE examination in 2015, her students in the graduating class ranked TOP1 in China.
Xue, fei He owns years of teaching experience in famous schools. He has a long-term service in "China's top 50 high schools", and he is familiar with the domestic and foreign education system. In the past, the teaching achievement he recieved was the first in the southwest region. He has successfully sent many students to Imperial Institute of Technology, UBC, Aachen University of Technology and other schools.
Sun,wei She graduated from the University of Sydney with a Master's degree in Educational Management, she has many years of experience in foreign affairs management in international schools.
Lu,jing She graduated from Nanjing Normal University, with nearly ten years'experience in chemistry teaching; she has won the honor of "Edexcel Excellent Teacher". She is familiar with domestic junior and senior high school chemistry curriculum and foreign A-level (mainly edexcel, CIE, AQA) related curriculum content, with a very strong chemical knowledge reserve and professional chemistry teaching ability.
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