Steve Zhou Master degree in Electronic Engineering, and Applied Mathematics from University of British Columbia, and worked as a special lecturer at Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia, over 20 years of math-teaching experience of IB, A-Level and AP program, developed a unique insight into math teaching and formed his own teaching methods, and recently taught A-level Further Math at U-link Education group and trainer in AMC mathematics competition. In high school, he studied IB program in Canada and ranked among the best in the world in various mathematics, physics and chemistry competitions, and later was admitted by prestigious Canadian university with unconditional and full scholarship. So far in his career, he has taught 27 students who have successfully been admitted to Cambridge and Oxford, and a number of students who have enrolled G5 in the UK and countless students enrolled top 30 universities in the U.S.
Lynne Lin Majored in Bilingual Mathematics with solid math foundation and many years of teaching experience of A-level.
Gloria Kong Master degree in Bilingual Mathematics, 7 years of study and research on international curriculum, familiar with multi-system international curriculum, certificate of Bilingual Math Teaching and high school teaching certificate. Used to work at International Sector of Changchun Experimental High School, published several articles related to IGCSE and A Level, with the first-class scholarship.
Wendy Wu Master's degree in Computer Science with full scholarships on CSCand King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST),  head of the math sector at A-Level program of the New Channel institute with a large number of A* students. She has her own unique teaching methods and familiar with CIE and EDEXCEL Examination Bureau, on Computer Science and Mathematics, including Further Math, Pure Math, Mechanics, and statistics, etc.
Vincent Ni Graduated from East China Normal University , Math Department. Certificate of high school mathematics teacher,  6 years' teaching experience in A-Level and other kind of international courses, with rigorous and lively teaching style, awarded the title of "School level Excellent Teacher" many times. In school, he was a vice-group leader to take group members teaching and researching.
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