Tina Shen Master degree from Shanghai University of Science and Technology. She has been teaching A-level and IB curriculum at international schools for nearly 10 years, with passion for Match teaching and the concept of happy and efficient learning.
Hongyu Zhang PhD in Physics from Kent State University, USA., engaged in research for many years and published many academic papers, especially two influential academic papers in Physics Review as the first author. He has taught in many universities and international schools, i.e. Shanghai Normal University, Cambridge international, Ulink Education Group, Shanghai Open University, Shangshi Cambridge Foreign Language School, etc, with rich teaching experience in physic, Mathematics and Computer Science.
Kris Zhang Years of experience of teaching international curriculum, with countless students admitted to top universities around the world, three years of experience in scientific and technological innovation training and guidance teaching,  awarded "Excellent Advisor of Scientific and Technological innovation in Changning District"  and helped students to be awarded many times at Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Innovation Contest (Engineering),  Shanghai's Future Engineers contest, etc.
Claire Chen Master degree from University of York, Certificate of high school physics teacher and TESMC certificate, more than 6 years' teaching experience in A-level Physics, with rigorous and lively teaching style, awarded the title of "School-level Excellent Teacher" and "Excellent Subject Representative" for many times. In school, she trained and guided students to participate in Physics Cup Contest and full-score in Physics for A2 class.
Nemanja Dordevic PhD in Synthetic Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry from Nanyang Technology University, Singapore, a Globe-engaged synthetic chemist, with multilingual (English, French, Serbian) skill and experience in cross-functional collaboration with scientists, technicians, and senior leadership.
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