Liam Li ,Chief Principal, Adcote School (China) Served for 22 years at Bright Scholar (Education Group), established Country Garden (IB) School at Jurong, Jiangsu Province, with rich management experience of International curriculum school. 
Marina Che , Principal,Adcote School (Shanghai) Former Academic Principal of Ulink School (Shanghai), the cultivator of hundreds of thousands of students enrolled by Oxford, Cambridge and Ivy League, with rich experience of international curriculum development and academic management. 
James Hu ,Directors of Adcote School(UK)/Myddelton College(UK) Years of study-and-work experience at UK and Australia, over 20 years’involvment of international education. 
Stephen Tema,Deputy Principal Adcote School (Shanghai) Former Deputy Principal of Wesley College New Zealand. Former PDQ leader at U Link school(Shanghai)  Teacher of IG CSE Economics and Business Studies and A Level Economics and Global Perspectives. A Senior leader in the international educational community.
Diane Browne ,Directors of Adcote School(UK)/Myddelton College(UK) Superintendent of British Private School Oversight Committee, going through various principal and senior management positions at many private schools in the U.K.As a Teacher of English literature, she published many works of English drama and literature with corresponding reviews.
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