Li, yuan ,the general principal, Shanghai Adcote School He has served Boschle (Education Group) for 22 years and founded Jurong Biguiyuan (IB International) School. He has rich experience in the operation and management of international schools.
Che,yanli , the principal She has been the academic principal of Shanghai Campus of Ulink Education Group. She has trained many students from Oxford, Cambridge, Ivy League and other schools. She has rich experience in international curriculum research and development and teaching management.
David Worley , the vice principal/the head of house system/director of English Department He graduated from Cambridge University and University College of London. He has English major and a master degree in English. He is qualified to supervise the National Office of Educational Standards in the UK. They have 23-year teaching experience and 15-year  school management experience.  He will teach IGCSE English and IGCSE drama.
Hu,jing , Chairman of the Board,Adcote School/Middleton School Mr. Hu has been engaging into international education field for years and owns over 20-year experience in developing Australian and British oversea study.
Diane Browne ,the principal of Adcote School in UK Diane serves as the Inspector of the British Private School Committee, and she has served as the principal of Adcote School in UK and been doing senior management in many private schools in the United Kingdom. She teaches English literature and has had numbers of publishings about English literature. 
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