Adcote activities: Shanghai Adcote Summer Camp

On 23 July

The summer camp delayed by the typhoon started in expectation.

Weather Forecast Display

The colourful and hot summer has just begun.

Meanwhile, the splendor at Sheshan's foot has just begun.



Early in the morning, the teachers were already waiting.

The principal of the school, also wears the same series of camping uniforms with the students.



Students came to check in, collect materials and check in.



Carefully stick up your photos

This photo will be seen and used for years to come.

I don't know if you took pictures carefully.



The joy and excitement of the new environment are beyond words.

But what we can see from the children's faces is more about

Expectations for the future


 //  Hello, please take care of me when we meet for the first time  // 


To know you, I will start with your name.



Different classes

Different teachers

Children of different personalities

What kind of sparks will it collide with?





This is the moment when we formally say "hi" to Adcott in Shanghai.

This is our first encounter with our partners.

Hope to recall in years to come

Say a word

It's good to know you.


 //  Climbing Sheshan Mountain with a bird's eye view of Adcote  // 


Shanghai Adcote

Located on the place of ancient and modern celebrities and inherit the aesthetic vein of Confucianism in Sheshan

So we Adcoters, we must climb Sheshan.

Now, go!



The afternoon sun faded the midday heat.

The mottled tree images dream of the forest

Cicadas sing in summer hope for the future

Seeking the Meaning of Growing Up in Sweat



A bird's eye view of Adcott, Shanghai, from the top of the mountain

There is the starting point of our dream.

That's where we'll fight side by side in the future.


 //  Opening of summer camp  // 

After daytime rest

The children are ready to go.

The two principals took turns in battle

Tasks and requirements for summer camps for children

And expressed their expectations.

The principal Li made four requests to the students:

Civilization, courtesy, obedience, three meals, good control of mobile phones


Have a good time

Looking forward to the children's performance in these three weeks

Summer Camp for Freshmen, here we are!




Young people have more expectations and desires for the future.

This summer camp is just a starting point.

In the big family of Adcott in Shanghai, children are expected to water their dreams out of flowers.


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