Open day: Shanghai Adcote School coincides with the Mother's Day.


The upcoming open day of Shanghai Adcote School coincides with the Mother's Day.


We have invited many families to participate in this event. In order to express mothers'daily care for their children, we have prepared flowers and gifts to express our gratitude to mothers.



Some children took the flowers from the staff and offered them to their mothers in person. Others offered big hugs. Carefully, we can see that some mothers have tears in their eyes and joy in their hearts. This day belongs to the mothers.



Mr. Hu Jing, chairman of the school Board, announced to start the event. After congratulating the mothers with presents for their happy holidays, he took this opportunity to analyze the current situation of a wave of contemporary international education. He said, "Adcote School Shanghai, which we plan to build, is a school with humanistic feelings and full of temperature. We hope that students can start from the details, start from caring for the people around them, and always be grateful to the world. "The Book of Changes" says, "Honest virtue carries material", which is also advocated in our expansion curriculum.


The scene full of love is warm and full. Temperature, feelings and love are what Shanghai Adcote School will pass on to our children in the future.


Mr. Li Yuan, the general principal of Shanghai Adcote School, helped to promote such a warm atmosphere. In view of the parents'confusion, this paper explains a series of plans for Adcote school to be run in Shanghai in the future: "Young people in the new era are full of the vigor of the times. At the same time of academic training, we hope not only to teach children to grow up, but also to teach them to love and express themselves." Mother's Day is a good opportunity.


Some parents said: "As a school in preparation, it can make Mother's Day so warm and distinctive, which makes people believe that the school's educational philosophy and objectives are absolutely not an empty talk. This makes me feel more confident about the future of Shanghai Adcote School! "



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