Diane Browne, the principal of Adcote School, UK, visited Shanghai Adcote school


In April 2018, Diane Browne, the principal of Adcott School, came to Shanghai to inspect the progress of campus construction in Shanghai and concluded sister schools with key high schools in China.

After visiting the beautiful campus under construction, Ms. Diane Brown said happily: "Seeing the new Adcote campus, these beautiful buildings will bring good education to future generations of students. I believe that Shanghai Adcote School will continue the fine tradition and history of the British Adcote School in the future.

Diane Brown, National Professional Leadership Qualification, Inspector of the Independent Schools Council, has served as principal and senior management in many private schools in the United Kingdom. English Literature Teacher, has published many English dramatic literature and published relevant comments.

Meeting with Excellent Students and Parent Representatives

Ms. Diane Brown met with expectant parents and students to introduce the history and academic achievements of Adcote School in Britain and express her best wishes for Shanghai Adcote School under construction.


Next, Ms. Diane Brown had one-on-one communication with the students.


Diane Browne communicates with students

Subsequently, Mr. Hu Jing, the school Board Committee director, met with her. Mr. Hu Jing introduced the current situation of preparation for Shanghai Adcote and the future plan of the school: "While taking IGCSE and A Level as the core courses, the school upholds the training objectives of inheritance, innovation, independence and leadership, and develops quality courses suitable for Chinese students. It is hoped that in the future, Shanghai Adcote School will be able to cultivate world citizens who can adapt to this new era of rapid social development.


A 15-year-old student's mother said: "The principal can reflect the school spirit of the whole school, Ms. Dian's elegant temperament left a deep impression on me. Under the leadership of such a headmaster, the students educated should also be calm and elegant. This will make us more confident about the future of Adcott School in Shanghai.

Concluding Sister Schools

During her visit to China, the Principal Diane Browne also visited Changchun Eleventh High School.

Changchun Eleventh High School is one of the first key middle schools in Jilin Province. It was founded in 1925 and enjoys high prestige both inside and outside the province. It is one of the famous middle schools in China. Changchun Eleventh High School is one of the four major schools handed down orally by Changchun people (Northeast Normal University Affiliated Middle School, Jilin University Affiliated Middle School, Changchun Eleventh High School, Jilin Provincial Experimental Middle School). It is cordially called "Eleventh High School".

The school has formulated a long-term development goal, that is, to build the eleventh high school into a "modern, high-quality, distinctive, international, pluralistic, school-level national model high school". This has pointed out the direction of struggle for all the eleventh high school students.


Both sides have similar plans and needs in the development of schools and the general direction of student education. Adhering to the vision of mutual learning and progress, the two sides concluded sister schools.


Taking this as an opportunity, the two schools will carry out a series of activities, including student exchanges and resource sharing. Both sides expressed their expectations for future cooperation between the two schools.


Before leaving for Britain, the principal Diane Browne said that the trip to China was fruitful. First, she is confident of Shanghai Adcote School when she sees that the preparation for the development of Shanghai Adcote School is proceeding in an orderly manner. Second, she is full of expectations for the future development of Adcote School in China. I believe that there will be a better new era in the future of our education in China and Britain.

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