Accommodation life

Our dormitory provides comfortable, safe and modern rooms. Our dormitories focus on noise control, lighting, social/learning space and detailed design. Each dormitory corridor has an activity room for students to socialize, watch movies or study in groups.



Adcote School Shanghai is a full-time boarding school.

Boarding concept: From home to home from Home to Home. Dormitory is not only a place for students to rest, but also a place for students to learn.

Management: Different from the non-teacher management in boarding schools, we are managed by foreign teachers with rich management experience. In class, they are supporters of students'knowledge learning. In dormitories, they are "acting parents" of students. They have a comprehensive understanding of students' psychology and can solve students'problems pertinently.

Dormitory Course: Design corresponding life courses for students to live independently in the future. Such as cooking courses, first aid skills, etc. Students can also organize their own associations.

Dormitory environment: There is an independent and quiet learning environment in the dormitory, and a cooperative learning place in the corridor.

Dormitory security: 24 hours on duty on each floor, and timely handling of

students'various problems.



Heathy Life

The school catering provider is a professional British catering supplier, Compass, which provides a variety of dietary solutions. To meet the nutritional needs of children, who eat three meals a day, five days a week.

The choice of food and beverage is mainly Chinese food, supplemented by Western food. On the basis of maintaining nutritional health, students are gradually adapted to the overseas food culture. In addition, every year, the school will arrange a comprehensive physical examination for all students, and submit a report covering the assessment of trace elements in the body to students and parents.





Introducing Campus Coffee Brand Mellower Coffee, combined with the unique style of the school coffee shop, is the leisure place for school teachers and students.



A Letter from General Housefather

Dear children! Welcome to Adcote Student Home! Believe here, you will start a wonderful journey!

Adcote School Shanghai is different from most boarding schools in China. It is a boarding school that integrates life management and academic guidance. In order to create a warm, safe and free living space and a healthy, scientific and positive learning atmosphere, the school follows the school management model and residential tutor system of Adcote School in UK, with experienced life teachers and homework tutors accompanying around the clock, carefully taking care of children's growth. In addition, the school also has health centers to provide medical and psychological counseling services. Hotel management services, self-service tea bar, open laundry and indoor sports and fitness facilities ensure that every student can feel the convenience and comfort of home. We respect traditional customs and family concepts very much, and devote ourselves to cultivating children's self-management consciousness and helpful qualities.

Seeing this, are you looking forward to joining us and feeling Adcote’s unique experience from home to home?

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