【Information】Adcote School in UK meets with Shanghai World Foreign Language School(Ningbo Campus) and Taizhou No.1 Middle School as Sister Schools



On March 26 and 27,  Mark from the mixed department of Adcote School in UK received invitations from two domestic schools: Shanghai World Foreign Language School(Ningbo Campus) and Taizhou No. 1 Middle School, to visit the campus and reach an agreement with both sides to become sister schools.

Adcote School

The school has rich educational facilities including library, multi-functional restaurant, gym, high-tech laboratory, housekeeping boarding, music/dance/art studio, personalized learning space and so on.

The school introduced the British educational concept, rooted in Chinese traditional culture, integrated the advantages of Chinese and Western education, and trained world citizens with Chinese soul, innovative dream, independent personality and leadership accomplishment.



Shanghai World Foreign Language School (Ningbo Campus)

On March 26, Mark Robert, the principal of Adcote School, visited Shanghai World Foreign Language School in Ningbo. On the basis of a full understanding in the early stage, the two schools further discussed in details on the curriculum optimization, mutual training of teachers and in-depth exchange of students, and signed the Memorandum of Friendship and Cooperation.


The principal Mark and Standing Vice Principal Cao Ziyu of Ningbo

The principal Mark, accompanied by Cao Ziyu, Ningbo's Standing Vice Principal, inspected the infrastructure, curriculum implementation and cultural construction outside Ningbo. Principal Mark is delighted to say that both schools attach great importance to the comprehensive development of students and the cultivation of behavioral education. The consistency of educational ideas and training objectives is the basis of the deep cooperation between the two schools. He is confident and expecting the cooperation in the future

Taizhou No. 1 Middle School


On March 27, Mark Robert, the principal of Adcote School, and Ms. Xu Fei, general manager of Business Development Department of Ray Education Group, jointly formed a sister school with Taizhou No. 1 Middle School. In the future, under the impetus of Ray Education Group, the two schools will carry out a series of communication activities together.


In STEM education, there are many places for learning and communicating with each other. In the future, children in two schools can carry out activities on STEM topics, such as competitions, research projects, and joint formation of STEM project groups by Chinese and foreign students. At the same time, the two schools have decided to start visiting each other this summer, learn from each other, and fully draw on each other's advantages and valuable experience.


The in-depth cooperation between Adcott School and the two schools in China also means that the Sino-British educational cooperation in the "golden age" needs to be integrated, learn from each other, rooted in Chinese traditional culture and integrated with the advantages of Chinese and Western education. Whether it is the teaching method or the idea, it is the common goal to cultivate talents with world vision.

The principal meeting

Then the cherry blossoms were bright and the spring was just right. The meeting between Chinese and English principals of Adcote School attracted many students and parents from all over the country to experience our school, which originated in England and was rooted in China. That's not true. We, the principal Mark, are discussing education with the parents of the students who come to visit us.


The principal Mark elaborated on the unique and perfect framework of the outdoor curriculum system, the three major training objectives and the running situation of Adcott School.

"The school pays attention to the three major training objectives of individual development and resilience, the pursuit of excellence and the Fellowship, and combines the British outdoor curriculum system to develop quality courses suitable for Chinese students."




Mr. Mark Rorberts, the principal of Mixed Department, Adcote School from UK image017.png

In the process of being interviewed

In this "golden age" of Sino-British education, adhering to the advanced educational concepts of China and the West, integrating the advantages of Chinese and Western education, and aiming at "originating from Britain, rooting in China and keeping the world in mind", Adcote School Shanghai will strive to be a leader in the industry.

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