Shanghai Adcote's first campus opening day, the scene is very popular


On December 16, 2017, Shanghai Adcote School held its first campus opening day, which could not resist the enthusiasm of parents. The original 20 groups of families visited the scene, but more than 30 groups of families came. As many as 70 people, parents had to stand in the back to listen to the lecture at night. The scene was very lively.


An endless stream of sign-in parents


School Planning Office


Exhibition Hall Entrance


Check-in desk is ready to take place


The site has been laid out.


Tea breaks for parents

Now, let me take you back to the warm moment of that day and see what surprises Shanghai Adcote School will bring to families when it is formally settled in Shanghai.



Part 1: International Admission Officer Leo 分享《6 tips on how to GET language friendly

Leo is responsible for the recruitment of international students. As an international school with students from all over the world, Adcott hopes that children can fully immerse themselves in the blending of Chinese and Western cultures in English.


He is proficient in Italian, French, English, Spanish and Chinese, and he believes that "love Passion" is an essential element of language learning. Because he loves China, it takes him less than two years of study to have a normal dialogue with the Chinese people, and the children like to tease him.


Examination: Leo interviews students


Part 2: Board of Trustee MemberHu Jing

Mr. Hu Jing has been engaged in international education for more than 20 years. From the establishment of Yali Education to the introduction of foreign educational resources, to the listing of A-share international schools, his understanding of education, his expectations for students and the analysis of the curriculum system are no less than those of any principal who has worked hard for many years.


1) Western education and Chinese traditional culture are blended, not antagonistic.

Adcote School decided to set up a branch campus in Shanghai. It is precisely because in the current upsurge of international schools, few schools can really bring students a better learning system, from the traditional college entrance examination to the "foreign college entrance examination". It is just a change of soup and dress. The essence of cultivating students'independent innovation in western education has not been brought into play.

On the contrary, there are few students who really understand Chinese traditional culture even though they are fluent in English and open-minded. They are blind and confused in their self-perception. They can not be proud of being Chinese from the bottom of their hearts. Based on this, on the basis of retaining the original British education management model and teachers'team, Shanghai Adcote School pays more attention to the "inheritance" of the educational concept, and truly creates an "indigenous, world-oriented" International Campus for Chinese students.



2) Cultivating spiritual aristocracy and strong physique

Sports is by no means an indispensable "associate subject" in Western education. Many excellent universities prefer candidates with athletic backgrounds. Because the students who insist on participating in sports activities and even in competitions have more endurance and perseverance, are good at teamwork, and have natural motivation and desire for competition. They can also quickly adjust their mentality and learn lessons after losing the competition.


The cultivation of these qualities is indispensable for future talents.

Therefore, Mr. Hu Jing believes that it is more important to cultivate students'stable and independent personality, to be a real spiritual aristocrat with a mentality of "hard-working, strong, east-west, north-south wind", than to cultivate a batch of ambiguous examination machines. In Adcott School, Extra Curricular quality development activities involve in various fields, from sports, art to science and public welfare. We must ensure that students play their own advantages in different quality development, explore potential interests and hobbies, enrich their spirit, strengthen their body and mind, and free their soul.



Part 3: Adcote School Student Ambassador William

William, the 11-year-old head of the school, came to the Myddelton Campus of Adcott School a year ago to study on the ocean. He is a very popular "King of Population" on the campus and was appointed Student Ambassador by the school.


As a humorous teenager, William praised the school's colorful extracurricular outreach activities. Learning through Outdoors is an educational concept that Adcote School always upholds. Through holding full-day outdoor activities every two weeks and outdoor activities such as Adventure Day every Saturday, the training objectives of students of different ages are carefully planned.

learning thru outdoors 2.png

Shanghai Campus was chosen in Sheshan because of its geographical advantages. It is also called "Shanghai Backyard Garden". The new site of the school is located at the foot of Xisheshan Mountain, adjacent to Sheshan National Forest Park, a 4A-level scenic spot in neighboring countries, with beautiful mountain body, lush trees and abundant animal and plant resources. At the same time, close to the "Shanghai Longjing" Tea Garden, back to the Notre Dame Cathedral and Sheshan Observatory, we can foresee that there will be a lot of opportunities for students to get close contact with nature in Sheshan in the future.



Part 4: Speech by Johnny, head of Shanghai Adcote School



1) What is the academic curriculum system of the school?

Shanghai Adcote School is a two-course system with IGCSE and A-level courses and IB courses in the UK.

2) How about the teachers'team in the school?

Following the educational management method and curriculum system of the British Alma Mater School, all the foreign teachers in Shanghai Adcott School are directly dispatched by the British Adcott School to ensure the original curriculum quality. At the same time, small-class teaching should be continued to ensure a 1:6 teacher-student ratio. Foreign teachers account for 60%, while the remaining 40% are Chinese bilingual teachers.

3) How to manage boarding life?

From Home to Home is the boarding concept of Adcote School in Shanghai. The Dormitory Supervisor and boarding management team will be composed of Chinese and foreign teachers who have had boarding school learning and management experience, not only to ensure the safety and diet of children, but also to cultivate students'self-management awareness and the quality of collective help.

4) Summary of 18-year Spring Enrollment

From February to July 2018, students will study for 16-18 weeks at Middleton Campus, UK, with a planned enrollment of 30 students. Recruitment targets are students of Grade 7 or above who are preparing to study abroad. They agree to take written examinations in English and English, as well as one-to-one interviews. In Grade 8, IELTS scores are 4.5 or above, and in Grade 9, IELTS scores are 5.0 or above.

5) When is the official opening time of Shanghai Campus?

The school opens in September and plans to enroll 100 students in three grades of IGCSE PRE&1-2.

6) What are the tuition fees for spring and autumn 2018?

"Spring Class Fee 2018: 100,000 RMB

The cost of living for the students studying in the UK in spring 2018 is 60,000 yuan (including accommodation, meals, examinations, incidentals and activities).

Fall class fee in 2018: 150,000 RMB

Other charges: 15,000/20,000 (half-boarding, full-boarding), miscellaneous charges for textbooks: 5000 yuan (advance), school uniform: 3000 yuan (advance), activity fees: according to the actual occurrence of charges.

7) Can British and Chinese campuses transfer to each other?

Apart from grade 12-13, other grades can flexibly arrange their school places.

After introducing the details of Shanghai Adcote School to parents, Li Yuan, the founding principal of Nanjing Jurong Biguiyuan School, was invited to give a speech on the same day. He will also become one of the school's expert consultants and escort the future development of the school.

After sharing the lecture, all the students arranged to enter the examination room for written examination and interview.



All parents, in turn, set out to visit the school campus in a tour car with Johnny's avatar as a tour guide and driver.


Mr. Hu Jing and other admission teachers stayed at the venue and patiently answered every parent's question.



At 6:05 p.m., we sent off one parent. This is not the end of the story, on the contrary, Shanghai Adcote School has just set sail!

For more details about the school, please pay attention to the Wechat Public Number Adcote Shanghai, or click on our official website to make an appointment for school visits!

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