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Learning Through The Outdoors

At Adcote School we think learning process can't be confined to a single space, there is much more to that. This is why we invest a consistent part of our scholars agenda in Learning Through The Outdoors Program. Based on self improvement, confidence boosting challenges, unconventional training techniques and open air exploring activities, programs breaks the rules of traditional learning. Constant support is provided to those wo are less proficient, guiding them towards their progress through automotion. Finding out more about yourself, learning lessons and setting new goals, this is what LTTO is all about.


Learning Through The Outdoors

1 - Every 2 weeks a whole day is dedicated to outdoor training activities such as cross running, navigation, climbing, canoeing, mountain biking, triathlon and more                                                    

2 - Progression of skills in each semester group                                                                                

3 - Learning essential skills such as relationship building, team work, leadership awareness, conflict resolution                                                                                                                                               

4 - Adventure Days every Saturday





Extracurricular Activities

We encourage our students to choose at least 1 or more extra curricular activities such as:

• Iron Man Triathlon

• Music  

• Athletic

• Duke of Edinburgh's Award disciplines, such as Horse Riding

• Self Leadership Class

• Hiking / Rock Climbing



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