Enrollment Guide

About Us

Adcote School (Shanghai) is the first oversea branch of Adcote School (UK), officially starting in September, 2018. It is located at the foot of Sheshan Mountain in Songjiang, Shanghai, occupying 30 acres with beautiful environment and fully-equipped facilities, library, multi-functional hall, soccer field, climbing wall, golf field, gyms, STEAM laboratories, music/dance/art studios, personalized learning platform, observatories, etc. 

Our school integrates the advantages of both Chinese and Western education, both western and eastern teaching resources, as well as the implementation of localized curriculum of Adcote school (UK).Seeking kindness through virtue, seeking truth through science and seeking beauty through excellence, our school cultivates lifelong learners with the qualities of cultural inheritance, innovation, independence, global competence and leadership, to be pioneers with valor and innovation, to be thinkers with independent personality, and leaders of world trends, thereby striving to become a respected model of international education.

Currently, our school has more than 70 faculties and staff in total, and the ratio of Chinese and foreign teachers is 3:1, 85% of whom have master's degree, 5 with doctoral degree and 1 with post-doctoral degree, along with more than 260 students enrolled, divided into four grades: IGCSE1/IGCSE2 and PreA/AS/A2.

School Characteristics

01.Adcote Genius Program

AGP (Adcote Genius Program) is established at Adcote (Shanghai), to dedicate to personalized education for students with superior academic records and other distinguished talents, matched with highly experienced teachers and college counselors with top-tier university admission records, thereby cultivating outstanding students at each grade of Shanghai campus.

02. House system

Adcote School (Shanghai) has inherited the tradition of academic system of Adcote School (U.K.) and established four Houses with credits, which are accumulated by the academic year and cleared at the end of the year. The adoption of college system is not only a kind of inheritance of elite culture, but also an innovative attempt of "leading new students with old students", which is helpful to cultivate students' leadership and discover leaders' characteristics. Meanwhile, it can strengthen students' sense of collective honor and enhance their sense of teamwork.

03. Mentor system

We carry forward top-tier schools’ mentor system from UK, with each mentor advising five to eight students and conducting a fixed-time one-on-one communication, closely collaborating with subject teachers, PE teachers, and community leaders, accounted for each student's academic performance, social skills, physical and mental health.

04.Featured outdoor activities

As learning is not restricted to a single dimension. Outdoor courses will bring about the development of children's comprehensive abilities, thereby remarkably strengthening students’ edge in college application upcoming. 

Adhering to "Learning through Outdoors", the educational concept of our Home school in U.K. and combining with Sheshan's advantageous natural environment, students at Shanghai campus will have a great amount of time in outdoor activities in the foreseeable future and explore the mysteries of nature over the changing seasons.

Year 2020 Enrollment Plan

Adcote (Shanghai) has four-grade structure: IGCSE1/IGCSE2, Pre-A/AS-Level/A2-Level

Spring semester enrollment: 60 students, 3.5-year span

Fall semester enrollment: 150 students, IGCSE1 4-year span, Pre-A 3-year span, AS-level 2-year span

Entrance Test and Admission Standard


Entrance Test

Adcote (Shanghai) entrance test is divided into two parts: written test (English, Mathematics) and interview (English).

Mathematics written test: basic knowledge of mathematics in middle school, problem-solving ideas, reasoning process (Math test is divided into Chinese and international version for students to choose according to their own learning situation)

English written test: English vocabulary (no less than 3,000), writing, reading ability and grammar.

English interview: oral test, listening ability, student character, personal communication skills


Admission Standard

Adcote (Shanghai) admission assessment criteria include but not limited to:

01. Academic performance and learning attitude

02. Comprehensive ability and Art specialties

03. Student conduct

Tuition Fee

1.Effective 2020 Spring semester, Tuition RMB 180,000/Academic Year

2. Adcote (UK) Tuition British Pounds 38,000/Year

3. Scholarship

RMB 9,000,000 in 3 years to award distinguished students:

(1)RMB 1,000,000 scholarship for students admitted by Global Top 10 universities (Per current year World QS ranking and official admission notice), RMB 50,000/student.

(2)Permanent President special scholarship (full tuition), first-class scholarship (50% tuition), second-class scholarship (30% tuition) and third-class scholarship (10% tuition). The scholarship quota is determined by the ratio, per the actual number of students enrolled in the Spring semester.

Application Process


Official website: www.adcotechina.com or Phone#: 400-160-5622


Test fee: RMB 200 (On-line payment upon registration, no cash please)


Arrive at the test center ahead of time, sign in > pick up admission ticket & registration form & activity arrangement > enter the examination room > to start the examination (please be sure to arrive at the test center 30 minutes earlier)


 Application materials:

(1)1-inch photo (name on the back)

(2)Valid ID copies (Citizen ID, Passport, Student ID )

(3)Copies of Artwork, Certificate of awards and proficiency

(4)Students should prepare their own test instruments, i.e black-ink pen, pencil, ruler, calculator, eraser, etc.


We will finish the grading and comprehensive assessment within 5 working days, record the grade and admission results within 7 working days and send admission notice within 10 working days.

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