Quality curriculum

"Inheriting the independence of innovative leaders" is the training goal of Adcote School. Adcote's teachers are good at using heuristic teaching methods to improve students'academic performance, at the same time, constantly create more possibilities, cultivate students' innovative spirit, improve students'leadership and independent ability.Toimprove the comprehensive quality of students, the school offers quality development courses. Meanwhile, weekend courses are offered for weekend students. Students can participate voluntarily according to the situation.


Inheritance Courses: Tea ceremony, Chinese studies, calligraphy, Chinese painting, zither, traditional festivals, drama, art experience, etc.


Innovation Courses: Software Development, Innovation Laboratory, 3D Printing, VR Technology, Robots, STEAM, etc.


Independent courses: cooking courses, self-management, emotional management, full boarding, art lectures, career planning, etc.


Leadership Courses: Simulated United Nations, Professional Simulated Competition, Student Societies, etc.


Practice synthesis: winter and summer camps/exchange projects, social practice, learning methods, walking courses.


Growth Courses: Personal Growth Lectures, Academic Career Planning, Leadership, PSHE International Citizens.


The school attaches great importance to the development and growth of students, upholds the training objectives of inheritance, innovation, independence and leadership, and develops quality courses suitable for Chinese students.

  • Piano


  • Sketch


  • Guitar


  • Bodybuilding Course




  • Cooking course


  • Equestrian lessons


  • Drama performance