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Entry Requirements, Fees and Scholarships


Admission Criteria 

Admission to Adcote School is determined by a number of factors. Candidates are admitted based on their ability to socially and academically succeed in our dynamic learning environment. In addition, candidates must be able to demonstrate the right attitude and desire to attend our school. To be successful at Adcote Shanghai, students must be willing to work hard and be commit to our program


We also expect parents to be supportive of the program, involved in their child’s education and school learning process always keeping a positive attitude


Adcote School Shanghai recruits both local and international students, starting from Grade 8 and above. Students from expatriate families wishing to enrolll in our school must hold a valid work Z Chinese visa

Entry Test Requirements 

Entry Test consists of three parts: English, Math and Preliminary Interview. Duration is about two and half hours total. Entry Test Level differs according to students' graduation


We do not accept transfer student for months during 2018. However, students can choose to apply for Adcote School UK Autumn Semester

Fees and Scholarships 



We recognize and reward students pursuit and achievement of excellence in Academics, Sports, Arts and Volunteer Activities. For students enrolling in Spring 2018, we offer 3 different prize levels which can be found below


Scholarship Requirements:

Excellent Freshman Award:

Average score must be 70 or more

Amount of reward: RMB 20,000

Half Scholarship:

Average score must be 80 or more, excellent interview score in interview also required

Amount of reward: RMB 50,000

Full Scholarship:

Average score must be 80 or more, excellent score in interview , national level award winning certifications at academics, certified sports / arts achievements or social service activity over the past three years

Amount of reward: RMB 100,000

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