Entrance Guidance

The college counselling program is designed to assist student developing themselves and successfully applying for suitable colleges and universities and help realize their dream and aspiration. Upon students’ first day at Adcote, each student will be assigned to an academic and college counselor for their studies and college application. College Counselling center carries out its work in the form of personalized application program, college counseling and tutoring. 


Application program

Admission Planning: Application Procedure, Overseas School Introduction, Personal Statement Writing.


Cultural Etiquette: Essence of Chinese Culture, Western Culture, Western Etiquette and Customs.


Extracurricular Activities: Introduction of Extracurricular Activities and the Significance, along with New Activities.


Professional Guidelines: University Introduction, Professional Field Introduction, Career path development.


EQ Classroom: Psychology, Family Concept, Emotion and Frustration Control 


Adapt to Overseas: Introduction to overseas life and campus culture



Personalized counseling


Learning planner: learning-plan arrangement, classroom performance recording, content-learning and standardized test guidance.


Personal growth mentor: hobby exploration, extra-curricular activity suggestion and arrangement, background promotion planning.


Application Planner: application planning and implementation, application process explanation and counseling, college and professional introduction, application material guidance.


Extracurricular activities: academic contests, volunteer projects, American-style debates, Youth entrepreneurs, clubs, etc.


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