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Purpose and Methods

As Michelle Obama once said, "Counselor build the bridge from School to College." While we could not agree more with such statement, we need to underline how, when talking about tasks to cover, Adcote College Counselor carries out so much more than a simple a single mission. Helping students explore and develop interests while refinining their good qualities and strong points is a day to day process that requires costant attention and years of experience. 


Adcote Staff knows how important applying for the right college / university is, so when that time comes, together with the student, we accurately discuss all the key aspects in terms of work and life goals, supply focus oriented guidance and moral support, never ignoring the psychological tumult that comes with such choice.


 In spending time with students, Adcote Counselor is able to to give them precise informations, resources,  advocacy through the process and support them through the personal struggles they face both before and after the acceptance letter.


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