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Reasons and Advantages 


Following Adcote UK decision dating back 20 years ago, at Adcote Shanghai we continue to assign a Personal Tutor to each of our students. Siding with academic members, teachers and sports coaches, Personal Tutor helps students on any sort of everyday life vital matters. Study related topics, extra curricular activies,  blending in with other scholars, personal counselling and pshychological support. Tutor develops strong bonds with the student helping them raise self confidence and awareness, both on psychological and physical side.

Besides weekly following up to school principal and family, every month Tutors sets up a meeting (face to face or online) with Adcote parents, giving them student's full personal situation and activities report, providing recommendations on how to boost learning process, increase self improvement and overall quality of life

College Admission Counseling

College applicants often benefit from a direct mentor who has recently gone through the college application process because he / she can offer a direct perspective on college admission essay. In addition, College Counselor can back up these recommendations with concrete statistics on universities and years of experience. Adcote Admission Counselors help students by illustrating them college profiles (acclaimed professor,  type of college, chances of admission), keeping track of deadlines, finding out the proper teacher for writing up letters of recommendation and keeping track of applications procedure











Tailored guidance

Study plan schedule: Activity report, Proper program selection, Exams preparation assistance

Personal growth process: Hobbies and Interests further research, Events participation counseling

Overseas study orientation: Application Terms explanation and guidance, Academic & Post Academic Journey presentation

Extracurricular activities: Learning challenges, Volunteering service, Open debate Club, Focus on today's most successful entrepeneurs, Hobbies Meetups


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