Features in teaching

House System

College system is a traditional mode of operation of medieval universities in England. It is not simply an educational entity or a place to provide accommodation, but a sports, communication and livable Activity Center for students. Oxford University, Cambridge University and Durham University in Britain all adopt the college system.


Shanghai Adcote School, she follows her academic tradition of Adcote School in Britain, has four colleges here in China. Each college is composed of students with different grades and is named by its members. The freshmen will choose which college to join according to their aspirations. Inside the college system, the perfect system is implemented. The prefect system achieves the purpose of student management by electing student cadres. Generally, the prefect selected from the senior students is responsible for managing the junior students. The school has college integrals, which are accumulated in the academic year and cleared at the end of the academic year. Students take the college as a unit to participate in various activities and competitions, and strive for honors for their respective colleges. When students receive points in their daily activities, they will also be reflected in the college points. The adoption of college system is not only a kind of inheritance of culture, but also an innovative attempt of "bringing new students with old students", which helps to cultivate students'leadership and explore the characteristics of leaders. At the same time, it can strengthen students' sense of collective honor and enhance their sense of teamwork.

Personal Tutor

•       We follow the personal tutoring system observed by good schools in Britain.

Teacher-led classes usually consist of 20 or fewer students, and each student is an integral part of the class. Teachers work closely with teachers of various disciplines, teachers of the Ministry of Physical Education, coaches and community leaders to do their utmost for each student's academic performance, communicative competence and physical and mental health.

Teachers and students meet regularly to check their classroom, homework completion and mastery. Every week, parents receive a tutor's report. The report comprehensively reflects the overall education situation of each student, covering their progress in sports, music, drama and academic fields.

Teachers provide individualized support programs for each student to establish operational and achievable short-term goals.



Admission Planning: Admission Application Process, Overseas School Introduction, Document Writing

Cultural etiquette: the essence of Chinese culture, western culture, western etiquette and custom.

Extracurricular Activities: Introduction to Activities, Significance of Extracurricular Activities, Introduction to New Activities

Professional Guidelines: University Professional Introduction, Professional Field Introduction, Career Planning Development

EQ Classroom: Psychology Course, Family Concept Classroom, Emotion Control and Frustration Education

Adapt to Overseas: Overseas Life Introduction, Overseas University Campus Culture, Overseas Life Necessary



Individualized counseling

Learning planner: learning plan arrangement, recording classroom performance, learning content guidance, standardized examination suggestions

Personal growth mentor: hobby exploration, activity suggestion arrangement, background promotion planning

Application Planner: Application Planning and Programming, Application Process Explanation and Counseling, College and Professional Introduction, Document and Material Guidance

Extracurricular activities: a series of academic competitions, volunteer projects, American debates, young entrepreneurs, interest societies, etc.


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