Academic achievements

Founded in 1907, Adcote School is a private boarding school in UK,The school has been awarded the honor of British boarding school for many times. Every year, more than 70% of the students get A* and A's in STEM related subjects, and nearly half of the students get the interview opportunities of Oxford University and Cambridge university.


In addition to academic achievements, our students have made proud achievements in sports and performing arts. Our equestrian team has been summoned by the Queen, and the drama and choir have been invited many times to participate in international competitions and performances with awards.


More than half of the students got A - A * at A Level, twice the average of UK, more than 85% of the students got from * A to B in STEM course. Published in 2017, in the UK A Level exam and college admission, 95% of our students have been admitted to the world top 100 universities; more than half of our students have been admitted to G-5; nearly 1/3 of our students have been admitted to Oxford and Cambridge.


For nearly a century, Adcote School (UK) has been adhering to the educational philosophy of "Achievement, Confidence and Happiness". The school has invested 3 million British Pounds to build student apartments and actively created a "home-to-home" campus atmosphere. The perfect learning environment and happy-learning style have made students improve themselves until they succeed.

In addition to academic excellence, Adcote students are proud of their achievements in sports, performing arts and more. By winning the Mid-England Championship in the League of Independent Schools Gymnastics competition, our 9th-grade Equestrians were selected for the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations.

Student Testimonial

“Two years ago I wouldn't even have dared to think about going to Cambridge, even less make it my dream. I want to say “thank you”for the opportunity that Adcote has given me, for the ever enthusiastic teachers and for their kindness and support, which gave me courage to reach what I had considered unreachable academic expectations.”

Alicia Szalapak (Former Pupil) 

Cambridge University,

Natural Sciences

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