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Adcote Shanghai has created PTA (Parents Teacher Association) in order to keep Adcote parents constantly informed about school activity, students academic and personal growth path. 



PTA main goals:

1) Building direct and productive communication channels between School and Family.

2) Providing more accurate teaching methods and raising up day to day problem solving awareness

3) Optimise school regulations 

4) Refine students education allowing them to pursue higher moral virtues and behaviour awareness

5) Involving students family in school everyday activities and events

As feedback it's a precious way to constantly improve and update our teaching methods and campus life, we strongly invite parents or their representatives to follow the school communication platform (website, media channels) and participate in school management, give their assessment on school activities and serve as community mentors to build an interactive "Family and School Co-education"model. Teachers will also maintain frequent communications with parents, who can contact them any time.

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