Sports club




Sports is one of the standards that schools attach great importance to. Every student must complete no less than five hours of physical exercise every week. This is not only because of the healthy physique brought about by sports, but also more importantly, through the process of sports competition, let every student learn how to correctly treat winning or losing, how to lead and be led, strive to surpass themselves, and learn to become part of the team.








Fencing originated from the Western aristocracy and was regarded as an international sport. In addition to elegance, fencing itself is a technically very complex sport, which can cultivate students'concentration, reaction ability and on-the-spot adaptability. Students participating in fencing can gain more self-confidence and healthy body and physical fitness.


Rock Climbing





Rock climbing is known as "rock wall ballet". It is derived from mountain climbing. It has strong skill and coordination, and is an important item in extreme sports. Through rock climbing, it can effectively increase the body's flexibility and sense of coordination. Rock climbing can also increase students'willpower, sense of honor, and determination to overcome difficulties.







We have launched a very small class of physical education courses, including boxing, Taekwondo, Brazilian Judo and so on. Fighting course is not only an effective way to build up strong body and perseverance, but also a simple and practical self-defense skill which can make our students explore the unknown world more confidently. 

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