Academic achievements——Adcote Shanghai

Adcote school (Shanghai) offers 26 academic courses and 27 quality development courses this year, covering sports, language, music, art design and academics, etc. 

Our students achieved 32%A*, 61%A or above, 81%B or above, 86% C or above on IGCSE math, 28%A*, 69%A or above, 91%B or above, 98% C or above on IGCSE Chinese, 11%A*, 58%C or above on IGCSE Physics, 63% C above on IGCSE Chemistry. 

Our AS student Ms. Zhang Ying-ying obtained the highest score on AS Math and 5 A* of 6 subjects for the CAIE test with 7 on IELTS, and won the headmaster excellent-award and headmaster’s commendation award for language. Mr. Sun Jia-ming also got 5 A* of 6 subjects for the CAIE test with highest score of AS Math Statistics, and 7.5 on IELTS, and won the headmaster excellent award and headmaster commendation award for language. Mr. Feng Wen-hua got the highest score on IGCSE biology, and Ms. Wang Xin-nan of A2 got the highest score on A-level Mathematics. 

By the end of Nov 2019,our students received two interview invitations from the University of Cambridge and four from Imperial College London. Besides, the also received (conditional) offers from Durham University, The University of Manchester, The University of Edinburgh, The University of Warwick, King’s College London, Loughborough University and University of new Southampton

In Adcote School (Shanghai), academic performance is deemed the core of all work, while paying more attention to the overall development of students. 

For the past year, 22 students participated ASDAN Business Contest and won the championship. Mr. Jiang Yan of G2 was awarded “Best Market Intelligence” in ASDAN SIC2019 at the final of 2nd season. Twin brothers: Mr. Liao Yu-shuo and Liao Yu-heng of Pre-A have won the World Championship of Yacht Sailing. Ms. Zhong Rui-ying of Pre A, has published several novels, some of which will be staged by Huayi Brothers Media group. Adcote School (Shanghai) encourages students to develop in all respects.

By the time Adcote students go abroad, they will become global citizens with Chinese souls, feelings and global visions.

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