The opening remarks from the Principal | On the stage of Adcote School, we all have a lot to do

At the beginning of the new year, in order to inspire all faculties and staffs to carry forward the spirit of struggling, advocating real work, speeding up the pace of pursuing dreams, and comprehensively improving the quality of running a school, the principals really mentioned: on the stage of Adcote, every one of us has a lot to do.

Here we share the General Principal Li Yuan's speech at the mobilization meeting for the training for teachers and staffs in the new semester with you.

Personnel today urges each other, and winter solstice brings spring again.

Sending off our first semester, we usher in a new semester in the name of hope in spring. Here, let's celebrate our old age! Welcome every new employee of our school!

Regarding on the work plan for the new semester, the Principal Che proposed that the theme of this semester's work is "standardized management". We should focus on improving the teaching quality in an all-round way, highlight three major tasks: team building, enrollment promotion and logistics support, and comprehensively improve the level of running a school. The principal has put forward clear requirements for all the work, and we hope that we can take it as our responsibility. The School Council will strengthen the supervision.

At the beginning of the new semester, I would like to talk to you about Adcote's bright future and our career development. We all need to fully realize that everyone can make a great contribution on the stage of Adcote School.

Adcote will be better tomorrow.

It provides us with a stage for great achievements.

It took only half a year for our school to be prepared for and got started. Some people commented that it had created a "little miracle" within Shanghai International High School Cycle. Why can we create this brilliant achievement?

01. Ray education grounp conforms to the trend of integration of China and the West in international education.

Under the guidance of relevant international education policies, the integration of China and the West is an inevitable trend of international education development. Accommodating to this trend, elegant education should promote the integration of Chinese and Western education and make China-style international education.

Resource Integration ——Sharing in two famous British aristocratic schools for centuries dredges the source of integration.

Management Integration ——Establishing the Chinese Operational Center of British Schools to lay the foundation for integration.

Course Integration —— Localization Integration School-based Implementation of International Courses, Grasp the Key of Integration.

02. Ray education group catches up with the "Golden Age" of Sino-British Educational Cooperation

During Mr. Xi Jinping's visit to Britain in 2015, China and the UK decided to jointly build a comprehensive strategic partnership for the 21st century, opening up a "golden age" of lasting, open and win-win China-UK relations. British education, known for its long history and noble quality, is highly respected by the Chinese people. The British educational concept and the international curriculum system with A-level as the main body occupy 40% of the international education market in China, which is far higher than other international courses and becomes the first choice of Chinese international schools.


03. Adcote's orientation in running schools in Shanghai is geared to broader market groups

In the final analysis, the integration of Chinese and Western education is to integrate the advantages of Chinese and Western education. The advantage of Chinese education is that the foundation of knowledge is broad and solid. The essence of western education is the development of individuality and the cultivation of practical ability and innovative spirit. Shanghai Adcote's integration of China and the West is specific to the goal of running a school, which is to cultivate students’ hard power - to enter an ideal university abroad, but also to improve students' soft power - to improve students’ international competence, both of which are strong. Through market research, we find that in Shanghai, there are fewer international schools with such a clear orientation, and the market demand groups are larger.

04. The idea of "running a successful school" is in line with the characteristics of the education industry.

In recent years, private education and international education industries are like roller coasters, sometimes burning hot, sometimes shivering cold. In hot times, many companies have to attack the city and start schools quickly, while in cold times they complain and wait and see.

The education industry is a long-term industry, which needs more tenacity and determination. "No complaint, no laziness, think clearly, work hard" is the "spirit of preparation" that we put forward at the beginning of school preparation. It is with this spirit that we can successfully complete the preparatory task in half a year.

With regards to the development of education, we should firmly look forward to the future of international education from the perspective of the trend of consumption upgrading and the internal logic of the development of international education. But instead of blindly advancing, we are steadfast and far-reaching, determined to "build a successful one". The speed of development is ultimately determined by the number of successful schools. The development concept we adhere to is in line with the characteristics of the education industry.

05. Shanghai Adcote School will be better tomorrow

On the basis of a good start, in November 2018, the school council adopted the "Opinions on the Development of the Three-Year Initial Stage of Adcote School School in Shanghai", which clearly defined the general idea of the development of the school in the initial stage: focusing on the quality of education, survival and development, focusing on three projects, and steadily starting a new stage. This semester, we will also formulate the "Three-year Development Plan of Shanghai Adcot School" on the basis of this opinion, implement special scholarships to attract outstanding students. In September 2019, the number of students in the school is expected to exceed 200. We will launch the "Outstanding Program" - Adcote Genius Program (A.G.P.) to cultivate outstanding students, steadily improve the quality of students and teaching, and strive for Cambridge in the first year of college entrance examination. The breakthrough of Oxford University.

Adcote School's bright future provides us with a promising stage for development.

In the past semester, our team has created remarkable achievements with professionalism and passion, and many advanced representatives have emerged. At the end of last semester, we commended them. They are:

Excellent management cadres:

David Worley、Cathy You;

Excellent employees: 

Ramon Lei、Gillian Xu、Vivian Yu、Alex Zhu、Rose Li、Sally Sun;

Excellent teachers: 

Joy Zhang、Lynne Lin、Steve Chow、Oliver Holton、Denzel Sun;

Excellent Class teacher: 

Joy Zhang、Dou Yanran;

Excellent Deputy Head Teachers: 

Mustafa Akbar、Bruno Ortiz 

Of course, there are also individual disharmonious phenomena. Analyzing these disharmonious phenomena, I think the fundamental reason is that we do not correctly understand and handle the relationship between school (organization) development and personal career development. We do not understand how to plan personal career development in the era of self-management. We do not put school interests first, so that we can plan self-development in the school development system.

Adcote School's bright future provides us with a promising stage for development.

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