Registration Process: the start of Adcote School in the new year

Dear students:

Happy new year! New Year and new weather, a new semester is about to start, welcome back to school!


 01. Arrangement for new students  

 Registration period 

9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Feb. 17, 2019

 Registration process 

  • Resgistration


  1. Registration

★ 1the gate of teaching building


Tuition payment

★ Room D101(we only accept the tuition is paid by bank card)


Registration for class


Class Registration (Classroom D309): Report to the head teacher's office and hand in the relevant materials. The class teacher distributes items such as "Student Handbook of Shanghai Adcote School", "School Planner" and Locker key.


Accommodation registration

★ Check the bedding (sheets, quilts, quilts, pillows, mattresses) allocated by the school, check the faults of dormitory facilities, and arrange personal belongings.

* The teachers will be responsible for the arrangement of the boys who live in the standard rooms of villas outside school.

  • Lunch at school canteen

From 11:30 to 12:30, students and parents eat in the canteen.


  • Parents'Meeting for the New Term


The first meeting of students and parents will be held in the school lecture hall.


A meeting is to be held between the head teacher and the parents of the new students in D309. Parents leave school after meeting.


  • New student photo collection


Thall on the first floor of the teaching building was photographed.


  • material

Please prepare the following materials:

01. Six copies of the student's own account book (stamped homepage and personal page);

02. Six copies of the student's ID card (positive and negative) are provided.

03. Three copies of the parents'registered permanent residence book (home page with seal and my page) each;

04. Three copies of parents'identity cards (positive and negative);

05. For students under 16 years of age, please provide three copies of birth certificate or one-child certificate.

06. Foreign students: Hong Kong and Macao compatriots, please provide three copies of Hong Kong and Macao passes.

07. Taiwan compatriots should provide three copies of their return certificates.

08. For other nationalities, please provide three copies of your passport.

09. Students'routine physical examination reports within 3 months in hospitals at or above the district and county levels;

10. Eight recent one-inch, crown-free color photographs of students, each with a name on the back.


  • Check-in dress

The school uniform and winter coat are on the day of registration. As shown in the figure:


* Students who have not yet bought school uniforms can wear their own clothes.

  • Possible items


Change laundry underwear, pajamas, slippers, toothpaste, toothbrushes, mugs, towels, hangers, tablecloths, toilet paper and other daily necessities (available at school convenience stores after school).

02.Learning supplies

(1) Stationery, such as schoolbag, pen, notebook, note paper, tape, stick, fluorescent pen, stapler, personal computer, etc.

(2) Chinese dictionary, English electronic dictionary, etc.

03. Food

You can take some milk, fruit, biscuits, no carbonated drinks such as cola and instant noodles.

  • Prohibited articles

01. Smartphones, IPAD, MP3 and MP4 are forbidden. Schools will distribute "seniors" (making phone calls and sending messages) uniformly. Students need to prepare a SIM card.

02. Jewelry and large amounts of RMB are prohibited.

03. It is forbidden to carry dangerous articles such as knives, matches and lighters.

 Traffic routes 

Shanghai Adcote School is located at 9288 Waiqingsong Highway, Songjiang District, Shanghai.

The following traffic routes can be chosen:

(1) Take Metro Line 9 to Sheshan Station and take a taxi to Adcote School in Shanghai.

(2) Drive or take a taxi and navigate to Adcote School in Shanghai. Attention, private cars are forbidden to park in the No. 1 parking lot opposite the school.

 Return arrangement for old students 

Return time: February 17, 2019, 19:00-21:00, please return to school on time.


 03. Meeting for new semester

Time: Monday, February 18, 2019

8:00--8:10:Classrooms in administrative classes will be assembled and new semester timetables will be issued.

8:15--8:45:The lecture hall gathers to lauch the meeting.


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