House System

House system is a traditional mode of operation of medieval universities in England. It is not simply an educational entity or a place of accommodation, but a center of sports, communication and livable activities for students. Oxford, Cambridge and Durham University in U.K. have all adopted the House system.

Adcote School (Shanghai) has inherited the tradition of academic system of Adcote School (U.K.) and established four Houses. Each house is made up of students from different grades. Freshmen are assigned to their respective Houses after enrollment. Captain management mode is implemented within the House system as each house has a public-elected Captain and a vice Captain to co-manage the House. 

Our school has House credits, which are accumulated by the academic year and cleared at the end of the year. Students take the house as a whole to attend various activities and contests, and strive for the honor of their respective House. Even if students would get penalties upon their daily activities, they will also be reflected in the House overall points.

The adoption of college system is not only a kind of inheritance of elite culture, but also an innovative attempt of "leading new students with old students", which is helpful to cultivate students' leadership and discover leaders' characteristics. Meanwhile, it can strengthen students' sense of collective honor and enhance their sense of teamwork.


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