Elite Project

AGP(Adcote Genius Program)

Project overview:

The AGP project is set up and launched by Adcote Science in Shanghai. With the goal of "devoting oneself to excellence and excellence, devoting oneself to the implementation of customized education", it is planned to select no more than 20 students with outstanding academic abilities and outstanding personal expertise worldwide. At the same time, it carefully selects a number of teaching cafes and promotional guidance experts with rich experience and fruitful achievements in various disciplines to teach the project students. To train outstanding talents in STEM field.

Unlike the traditional system of "science experimental class" which blindly takes the results of college entrance examination as the evaluation criteria, AGP Outstanding Program aims at training future talents, adopts the key training and comprehensive promotion method, while training students to meet the academic standards of British Niujian and American rattan schools and ensuring admission, it focuses on the individual development of students and enters universities. There is a clear career plan before, and further study and breakthroughs in the professional direction that may be engaged in in in the future.

AGP project advantages:

  • Individualized learning environment

  • 1:2 Teacher-student ratio

  •  Individual Learning Center

  •  Career Planning Instructor

  • "Niujian" Graduate Tutor

  •  Kuder Career Planning

  •  International Competitiveness

  •  Every student must take part in one or more world-class competitions.

  • Comprehensive Quality Training in All Aspects

Requirements for admission:

  • Students must have IELTS 6.5 or above in English

  • Achievement of national awards in STEM-related subjects (third-class awards or above) will result in additional test scores.

  • High school entrance exam achieves the score line above the city's key points

  • Students are required to take entrance tests in four subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and pass the principal's interview.


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