Elegant demeanor on Adcoters丨 After the interview of Cambridge University, the young lady came to Shanghai Adcote School..

On December 11, the school invited Cherrie, a student of Adcote School, to share her study and life in Adcote, UK, and show her achievements in Adcote.


Cherrie Qin

Pisces girl from Jiangsu Province, graduated from Adcote School in England at her 19 years old. She said that for the interview at Cambridge University, I got several OFFERs from G5 UK including UCL.


At the meeting, Cherie,  sharing her experience in English, is sunny, confident and humble girl. At first,  she displays her grown up story in Adcote through her weekly curriculum and life at Adcote School in England.


The Principal Li visited Adcote School in England and took a picture with Cherrie and her classmates. The second left is Cherrie.

01. Cherrie's challenge 

“A full English speaking environment-it is a challenuage as well as an opportunity”

Adcote uses a small-class teaching mode, combining academic courses with extracurricular activities every day, instructing a variety of courses and rich extracurricular activities. She immerses herself in them every day and learns a lot. She left her Mom and Dad and came to Britain alone, Cherrie also encountered many difficulties.


Shanghai Adcote School insists on a small-class mode on teaching. We are well aware of the important influence of language environment on the improvement of language ability, and constantly creates an infiltrating English environment for students. Except for Chinese teaching, other subject teachers use English teaching. At the same time, we encourage students to read a large number of original English books in their spare time in order to improve their English level.


02. Cherrie's Quality Development Extracurricular Course

 “Quality Development Extracurricular Course” 

Learning through the Outdoors, whether it is Adcott School in Britain or Adequate School in Shanghai, has always occupied a very important position in the outdoor sports curriculum system. While improving students'academic performance, we constantly create more possibilities to improve students' comprehensive quality.

Cherrie enjoys many sports, fencing, badminton and golf. In Adcott, Shanghai, we encourage students to choose one or more quality development courses. At present, 13 quality development courses including football, boxing, fencing and baseball are offered.


03. Cherrie‘s hobby

“ Activities from students’ clubs, camps for Interests and Hobbies” 

In addition to her studies, Cherrie participated in various student club activities at Adcote School in Britain. She loved making various handicraft products, such as reusing socks to make lovely toys, paper-cutting, photography, especially taking pictures of insects.


Cherrie works on insects

Shanghai Adcote School firmly believes that student associations are an important way to broaden horizons, increase knowledge, cultivate abilities and promote their all-round development. Students are encouraged to form associations. At present, 15 student associations are registered, including photography, news and handicraft associations, have been established.图片2_看图王.png

04. Advice from Cherrie

 “Self-displine brings you fortune” 

Cherrie, she just finished her interview at Cambridge University and gave good suggestions on her study goals and preparations for University applications.

Cherrie emphasized that he was a lucky man. Choose Adcott, where she understands what she wants, where she gradually becomes a self-disciplined person.

She said that in an interview for a university application, the interviewer not only looks for your academic achievements, but also examines the overall image you present in the interview. Adcote has excellent teachers and resources, but in learning, it is very important to learn self-discipline, clear their learning goals, and take the goal as the direction, so as to be able to overcome difficulties and become a lucky person.


The sharing meeting was not long, but the students were deeply attracted by Cherrie's sharing. We believe that, whether in Adcott, England or in Adcott, Shanghai, Adcott's youngsters will surely become Adcott students with the qualities of inheritance, innovation, independence and leadership as long as they have firm beliefs in down-to-earth learning, clear goals for the future direction of life, and learn and understand self-discipline.

Adcote School, founded in 1907, is a private boarding school in Britain. It has won many honors from British boarding schools. More than 70% of students get A* and A in STEM-related subjects every year, and nearly half of them get interviews in Oxford and Cambridge.

As an overseas school of Adcote, Shanghai Adcote introduces the complete curriculum system of Adcote, while retaining the inheritance of Chinese culture and educational ideas, providing good international education for Chinese students with the training concept of "inheritance, innovation, independence and leadership".

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