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Many times,

I may think that many books I've read have turned into smoke.

No longer remember, in fact, they are still potential.

In temperament, in conversation, in the boundless mind.

—— Sanmao


In Adcote, Shanghai, we put the cultivation of students'good reading habits in an important position. The improvement of English must depend on abundant English reading, and cultivating good English reading habits will benefit students greatly.

In order to arouse students'enthusiasm for English reading, students have 10 minutes of early reading every morning, reading their favorite English books. Ten minutes is not long, but we hope that through this small measure, we can help students fall in love with English reading and develop English reading habits.


Good reading habits can not be separated from good books. We hope that students can choose the books they like independently. Therefore, in addition to encouraging students to make full use of the school library for borrowing, the school will invite Shanghai Foreign Language Bookstore to hold book exhibitions on December 13 and 14 to create more opportunities for students to choose books independently.

This book exhibition will provide students with good original books in English. It is believed that from students to teachers, including parents, they can choose the books they like.


Time for students

December 13 (11:40-16:30) to 14 (8:50-16:30)

Time for parents: December 14 (15:30-16:30)


First floor hall of teaching building

Payment method:

Cash, Alipay, WeChat



Teachers and students are welcome to come to the book fair to choose their favorite books during the school break. At the same time, parents are welcome to attend the book fair on Friday afternoon (15:30-16:30) in order to facilitate the participation of interested parents in the book fair without affecting the students'class.


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