ADCOTE丨Adcoters scored high marks in the ASDAN Business Competition


From Dec. 1 to Dec. 2, a group of 20 students from our school, Company, participated in the Business Simulation Competition of ASDAN. Although it is a "newcomer" in the business competition, the students'performance and the results of the competition are surprising.

In this ASDAN simulated business competition, through three links: company operation, enterprise roadshow and trade competition, the company 18 students of our University won Best Entrepreneur Award (both enterprise roadshows are room winner, totally 15 million bonus joining operation operation operation decision-making) and an invitation letter to participate in the All-Star Competition (February 11-14, 2019).



Best Entrepreneur Award:

Group 18: Jiang Yan, Chen Zhengqi, Ye Jiahe, Cui Hanhua, Wu Baoyi, Zhang Caiwei and Wu Wanye

Let's congratulate the winning team and look forward to their wonderful performance in the All-Star Contest.


What is ASDAN Business Competition?

ASDAN Simulated Business Competition is based on professional Simulated Business IT system. It fully simulates the real environment and decision-making process of restoring market and company operation, including operation, transaction and road show. The company that wins more profits becomes the champion.

ASDAN Simulated Business Competition has been held in cooperation with key middle schools and international schools all over the country. So far, more than 110 competitions have been held, and more than 20,000 students have participated in ASDAN Simulated Business Competition.

  Excitements of the competition  

Before the competition, the students in our school did their homework for the competition. They used their spare time to discuss in groups, consult materials, give lectures and adjust them. Even so, when they reached the scene, they were still excited and nervous. In the next two days, they would participate in the simulated competition with the students from 11 other schools.

Entry Signature of Competitors in Our College

After the opening ceremony, each group entered its own preparatory classroom to carry out operational activities. Time is tightly arranged. Everyone of Adcott's students actively and earnestly participates in the competition, analyses their own advantages, grasps the situation of their opponents, and seriously invests in various links such as road shows and auctions.

At the closing ceremony on December 2, the students were anxious and looking forward to it. Adcott's students, through their preparations and good performance in the competition scene, show their rigorous, hard working spirit and excellent teamwork ability.

Finally, company 18 won Best Entrepreneur Award for its excellent team performance and an invitation to participate in the All-Star Game (February 11-14, 2019).

 Students voice after the competition



Participating in the business competition, I prepared all kinds of detailed information before the business competition. The whole process of the business competition benefited me a lot. I saw many people with extraordinary minds and rich business experience.

Company18——Chen zhengqi:

Compared with other competitors, we have some disadvantages, but why can we win the prize? I think unity is our advantage, we never give up.



This competition is a good opportunity to exercise all kinds of abilities. I think the experience of participating in this competition is very valuable.

Company18——Wu Baoyi:

Ask us what we have learned from the whole activity? We are definitely not wasting time. Teamwork is very important. We clearly know our strengths and how to cooperate effectively in the team.

Company 18——Zhang Caiwei:


Cooperation is very important. Besides, we have confidence and ability. It's important to show the best of us.。

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