ADCOTE: Scientific and Effective Parent-Child Communication in Parent Workshop

Children are more unwilling to share their thoughts with you, to go home for a good meal, to be short-tempered and rebellious, and to work against you... Facing all kinds of children's problems, you must be extremely troubled.



On the afternoon of Nov. 30, Shanghai Adcote School invited Hao Fang, a certified Parent Lecturer of the American Association of Positive Correctional Education and Shanghai Dream Psychological Counselor, to bring a different Parent Workshop to Adcott's parents to explore and learn simple and effective ways to solve their children's problems.


The activity starts with a small game: parents in two groups, how to let their peers open their clenched fists without hurting their peers? Tickle itchy, glad to meet you, can I shake hands with you, can you help me take a thing... Such ice-breaking games quickly let parents who don't know each other get acquainted with each other.


Activities into the main topic, we opened a brainstorming. What challenges are parents facing now? What qualities and life skills do you expect your children to possess in the future? Adolescent children are always rebellious and bring various problems to their parents. But when parents close their eyes, take the time express, and come to the age of 25, what kind of quality and life skills they want their children to have, their words are always full of good expectations.

"Confidence, independence", "Health, happiness", "Have something you like and meaningful", "Responsibility", "Happiness, sunshine and gratitude"... The expectation of the future is the destination, well-positioned, then the current problem is temporary, we just need to know clearly how to let children slowly develop and master these good qualities and skills.


In the experiential activities, a parent volunteer was invited to play the role of a child. Several parents played the role of authorized parents and interfering parents. The child actors listened to the lines in the hands of interfering parents and authorized parents in turn and shared their feelings after listening. In the same way, children volunteers are more likely to listen to authorized parental expressions.

Therefore, in daily life, when communicating with children, parents should minimize "interference", use "authorization" as much as possible, and give control to children as much as possible, so that they have control over their own lives. Perhaps they can achieve twice the result with half the effort. For example, when a child promises or does something, parents have to give the child a choice, at least two choices within your acceptable range, so that the child can at least feel that this is the result of my choice, not the result of forced.


Towards the end of the activity, some parents share their children's problems with teachers and other parents, discuss and play roles together, so that parents can feel more about their children's feelings in the context of communication with their children, so as to help them think transposionally and adjust their communication methods with their children in the future.


In the future, Adcote will regularly carry out various theme parents'hall activities, invite more expert lecturers, face-to-face exchanges with Adcote parents, and discuss the difficulties encountered in children's education. More parents are welcome to pay attention to and participate in the parents'hall activities carried out by the school.

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