Good newes from ADCOTE丨Tencent's Top 100 Digital Brands List of China International Schools

On November 28, 2018, Tencent International School held its annual grand ceremony of "Enjoying Global Wisdom and Creating Educational Future" hosted by Tencent. com in Beijing. At the meeting, the "China International School Digital Brand List" (hereinafter referred to as the "List") was solemnly released. The opening and release of the "List" touched the hearts of tens of millions of parents who want to choose schools for their children.


We are delighted to share with you that our school has won the honor.

Tencent's Top 100 List of Digital Brands of Chinese International Schools

Nowadays, with the improvement of people's living standard and the change of educational concept, more and more parents pay attention to and choose international schools. In order to get a better understanding of parents'awareness and satisfaction of the current information construction in international schools, Tencent, based on the huge number of netizens and facing the "direct choice of schools" parents, conducts targeted questionnaires through seven major questionnaires and 37 topics, and analyses the data one by one and presents them in the form of graphs, thus forming the "Digital Brand of Chinese International Schools 100". Strong list.


 What is the evaluation criteria of a good school? 

Good teaching results in an educational methodology in science sustainable development of students. Teachers are both virtuous and artistic, strong campus culture, beautiful campus environment. In fact, before entering a school, people will listen to the quality of the school from other people, but it still depends on the strength of the teachers and the atmosphere of the school.


Shanghai Adcote School is an overseas branch of Adcote School in Britain. It is located at the foot of Sheshan Mountain in Songjiang, Shanghai, with a beautiful environment and perfect facilities. The school integrates the advantages of Chinese and Western education, integrates localization and school-based implementation of Adcote school curriculum in Britain; it seeks kindness through virtue, truth through science and beauty through excellence; it cultivates lifelong learners with the qualities of inheritance, innovation, independence and leadership, pioneers who are brave in innovation, thinkers with independent personality, and leaders of world trends, and strives to become a respected model of international education.

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