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The paper is always shallow, and I know nothing about it.

Teenagers are an important stage of intellectual growth, innovative consciousness and habit cultivation. Adcote pays attention to the use of heuristic teaching methods, guided by students'interests, encourages students to enter practice, and fosters students' innovative spirit. On October 17, Adcote students went to Tongji University to participate in STEAM series activities.

After visiting the campus of Tongji University, through Scratch programming game design, Doudou robot, VR glasses and virtual scene experience, Tongji University School of Design and Creativity learning and other activities, young people harvest knowledge, harvest and grow up.

  Funny Scratch  

In the normal study and life, students will have some special creative ideas, such as creating a musical, making a self-created game, completing their own design of animation works and so on, and these creative ideas, fun scratch programming design can help you achieve.


In the School of Design and Creativity of Tongji University, under the leadership of Teacher Travis, teenagers set goals and actions, adjust and control the appearance, observe and detect, and match with the appropriate background sound..... The small games with ideas and logic are produced.

  Doudou roberts come  

In learning life, we are always making all kinds of rubbish, such as beverage bottles, bad pens, waste foams and broken fabrics. But how many people will open up brain holes and recycle waste, and connect these unrelated things through the means of re creation to become our high-tech products?


In digital workshop, teenagers mix waste products with unused batteries, small motors and switches. Through creative design, they begin to assemble waste products into electric motor robots, which shine and move on the power supply, and pass on the concept of environmental protection through practice.


Young people's imagination and creativity are always infinite, and the finished products are even more gratifying. It's time to test you. Let's guess what materials these results are made of.

  A different experience of VR  

VR, presumably everyone is no longer unfamiliar. With VR glasses, you can be in a "surreal scene", it is no longer for you to "see", but to "see" the scene, let you "enter" into the picture. Here, VR technology is more than just experience. Under the leadership of teachers of Tongji University's College of Creativity, teenagers start to make their own VR glasses.


After the teacher's explanation and demonstration, the teenagers took out the cardboard prepared beforehand, measuring tools, drilling, testing, fixing, completing and experiencing...

  Entering Design Creative College  

Real learning is not only confined to the small world of self-made, teenagers have also entered the School of Design and Creativity of Tongji University, visited FABO Laboratory, Numbering Workshop, Deep Sea Exploration Hall, and face-to-face exchanges with professional teachers, full of dry goods.

Woodworking manual lathe, laser cutting machine, three-dimensional model and other tools, here, according to your design, you can cut out the corresponding size, create different models, and then help you achieve creative ideas.


In Zhongchuang Space, the teacher introduced in detail the first prize winning works in the Sino-American Tourist Competition. A music teaching aids can make it produce different notes, create different scales and produce a piece of music by wearing a specific finger ring and touching the above specific metal through software.


There are many works of art hanging on the walls of wood working workshops. Can you see that they are all works created by recycling the remains of woodworking workshops?


Maybe you've been to the seaside and sailed across the sea, but do you really know the ocean? In the Deep Sea Exploration Pavilion, the mysteries of the deep sea are revealed through fantastic audio-visual and acoustic effects. Teenagers stroll through the ocean, explore the deep sea, the new horizon of the ocean, and navigate the deep sea, embarking on a journey of exploring the ocean.



STEAM is a kind of educational concept which is different from the traditional education mode, which emphasizes the knowledge of books and disciplines. It emphasizes the integration of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and art in education, multi-disciplinary integration, comprehensive, practical and product-oriented process and capacity-building.

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