Principal's Message


Virtue leads to perfection; 

Science leads to truth; 

Speciality leads to beauty. 

Shanghai Adcote School, originating from England and rooted in China, is located in Songjiang, the root of Shanghai. Adcote prospers with a merged strength from western and eastern education advantages, featuring Shanghai modern culture, open to all kinds of cultures, pursuing excellence, enlightened and sagacious, graceful and modest.

Chinese education emphasizes fundamental knowledge, while western education fostering invidividual development. It is our mission to cultivate the spirits of inheritance, innovation, independence and leadership in our students, by integrating the superiority and essence from both Chinese and western education philosophies.

As the president of a new school, I often encounter a question: what does "Adekete" mean?

——It is actually the Chinese transliteration of Adcote. Shanghai Adcote School, with its unique merits and strengths, is endowed with rich cultural connotations : the pursuit of virtue via moral education, the pursuit of truth via sciences, and the pursuit of beauty via arts and humanities, which embodyies the essence of education: truth, goodness and beauty.

Shanghai Adcote School belongs to every student, teacher and parent. We are not only the inheritors of a prestigious British indpendent school with over one hundred years of nobility, but also the witness, pioneer and founder of a successful Chinese school which is bound to prosper for hundres of years in the future.

When the wind is good, it is time to set sail. With our heart embracing the sun, we are splitting waves and singing voyage!

--- Li Yuan

 The general principal of Shanghai Adcote School


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