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Adcote School Shanghai
No. 9288 Waiqingsong Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai
Public transport
1.Take metro line 9 sheshan station(exit 1)and transfer to Shanghai-Chen line bus or No.92 bus,get off sheshan station.
2.Take metro line 9 dongjing station (exit 4) and transfer to Song-Chong line bus,get off sheshan station.
3.Take Shanghai-Qing express special line to get off waiqingsong highway park statation and transfer to Song-Qing line bus,get off sheshan station.
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Drive route
1.ShanghaiYu highway to jiasong middle road
2.Turn right, enter Sichen road, and drive 2.8km
3.Turn left, enter Shebei road, and drive 1.6km
4.Turn left and enter Qingsong road,drive 470m
5.Turn right and Huanshan road, drive 290m
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